Friday, 14 August 2009

Your Weekly "What The Fuck?!"

* Ever wanted to see the lyrics to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'Two Tribes' framed in Jack Kirby-style text boxes? Me neither, but I'm glad that these pictures exist anyway (images created by Al Ewing and brought to my attention by Tom Ewing):

* Related: Tom Ewing covers 'Two Tribes' as part of his ongoing attempt every UK number #1 since 1952.

Meanwhile, over on This Recording, Brian Deleeuw writes a nippy wee piece on Vibrational Match's favourite satirist, Chris Morris. While he's at it he also brings this bit of immortal tabloid hypocrisy to the Internet:

That's the Daily Star at its finest, folks, reacting to Morris' 2001 Brass Eye 'Paedogeddon!' special and underlining Morris' point in fine style.

* Anyone who hasn't already checked out David Fiore's new fiction blog really should do so as soon as possible. My favourite story so far is 'Le-charme-discret-de-Madame-Bourgeois', which erupts off the screen in a haze of champagne bubbles that dissapate before you have the time to taste them:
“The world is so beautifully mysterious,” Madame Bourgeois sighed.

Yes, I thought to myself, and mysteries are so much more beautiful when the plumbing works.

The other stories on the site are pretty great too -- there are no little epiphanies here, just brief but vivid accounts of Montreal life from a narrator who's apparently not Dave.

* Have you ever wanted to watch Radiohead cover Joy Division's 'Ceremony'? Well now you can:

(Thanks Sean!)

* Your crazy Quentin Tarantion quote/pic for today:

"Suddenly it was like, what the fuck? Am I too big for movies now? Are movies too small for me? I mean, what's that about?"
That's old QT there talking about his post Jackie Brown hiatus with the Observer magazine, which... is it just me or does this seem like a strange comment for a man's who spent the past decade publicly exploring his own trashy genre-fetishism? Please bear in mind that I ask this as a man who has a lot of love for Death Proof.

* Did you ever wish you could watch Marnie Stern and her bass player talk about John Cusack, Kill Rock Stars, AC/DC, coffee and romance while they do their laundry? Well now you can, through the magic of the Internet:

Oh yes!

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