Sunday, 9 August 2009

This Blog is a Lie!

("And so we return and begin again," from issue #1 of The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell and co. Click the image to fall in and begin again. Pull the pin.)

This blog was built to self destruct, but that doesn't seem to have happened. Instead of going out with a bang, it just stopped while I spent months trying to salvage a plan I came up with in July 2008.

Here's the thing -- instead of helping me, this plan ended up curdling my thoughts as they formed. I've spent a crazy amount of time this year writing and rewriting my "final" Filth essay, spilling tens of thousands of words on the screen, almost none of them worth the effort, almost none of them fit for even the least polite of company.

This leaves me with 2 options: (1) ditch the plan and start writing online again, or (2) kill my blog and stick to writing fiction that no one reads.

I've decided to go with option (1), with all due apologies to anyone who was looking forward to reading the next few entries in my This Blog Was Built To Self Destruct series. I'll explain the rational behind this in more detail soon, and I do still intend to write more about The Filth, the old Simon Furman Transformers comics, Mogwai etc, but I need to loosen up a little if I'm going to get any of this done.

So... yeah, I'm sorry, but if you can put up with my awkward writing style, haphazard scheduling, rampant egotism and puerile love of footnotes then I'll try to make sure there's something worth reading on here at least once a week. No promises, but I'm still game if you are?


Zom said...

we're all game, you horrid man you

plok said...

A happy day!

David Golding said...

Game and gammy. Aren't we all?

David said...

Thanks guys!

Duncan said...

Internet = saved