Thursday, 13 August 2009

Required Reading: Andrew Hickey on the NHS

Because someone needed to make these points and Andrew Hickey has made them very well:

An Open Letter To My American Friends About The NHS

By Andrew Hickey


Many of your politicians and journalists have been saying things like “Ted Kennedy wouldn’t get treatment for his brain tumour in the UK because of his age” (a Republican senator called Chuck Grassley said that). Sarah Palin said that in the UK babies with Down’s Syndrome would have to go before a ‘death panel’. And so on. I’m sure you’ve all heard many claims like this yourself.

These claims are lies, pure and simple. They’re not ‘opinions’ that people can disagree about, they’re not things that can be debated, they’re not honest mistakes, they’re out-and-out lies.

Please go read the whole thing if you haven't already. Unlike most of the things I talk about here this issue is actually important.

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