Wednesday, 28 January 2009

This Blog Was Built To Self Destruct

Being a series of essays on a theme, which will eventually lead to this blog stopping dead/reformatting/finding a new groove.

Previously on This Blog Was Built to Self Destruct:

1. Faster than The Speed of Wall (tabloid reality and issue #1 of The Filth)
2. Like a Puppet on a String (The Filth #2, bad taste and emotional manipulation)
3. How to Manage Your Own Personal Concept Farm (morality and metafiction in issue #3 of The Filth)
4. This is a Low (self-deception and scale in issue #4 of The Filth)
5. Beware -- Cosmic Architect at Work (genre-fiction, self-expression and cosmic awe in issues #1-2 of The Eternals)
6. Remembering The Men of Tomorrow (on kindness & perspective in All Star Superman, and the death of David Foster Wallace)
7. Twisted Brainwrongs and One-Off Man-Mentals (sexism, pornography and black comedy in issue #5 of The Filth -- also, peep this addendum)
8. Success in Circuit Lies (giganticism in issues #3-6 of The Eternals)
9. OMAC, What Is Best in Life? (on the joys of Jack Kirby's OMAC; also, doing vs explaining)
10. (Man-)Meat is Murder (The Filth #6, escapism and the broken mirror)
11. Darkling I Listen -- Commonplacebook (David Fiore on the limits of scholarship)
12. Mercury Rev -- 'The Dark Is Rising' (more on escapism and its uses)
13. Andrew Hickey on Grant Morrison and Entropy -- Commonplacebook (in which the relationship between entropy and freedom is made poetic)
14. All You Need Is Fuck? (in which the relationship between black holes and pearly white semen is made poetic in Birdland... well, sort off!)

Coming soon on This Blog Was Built to Self Destruct:

15. Self Portrait in a Broken Mirror (on the the failing of the body and the limits of self-reflection in issues #7-13 of The Filth)
16. Clone Cycle (on text and meta-text in Superman Beyond and The Black Dossier)
17. Time Wars (blame this one on the Falconer: I'm gonna talk about shitey old Transformers comics, Elric, and how it's all my dad's fault that I give a damn about any of this in the first place)
18. Spaceships Over Glasgow (Vibrational Match: The Scottish Connection)
19. Welcome... to the World of Tomorrow! (getting 'Rock of Ages' in perspective)
20. Fuck This Blog! (Paul Pope's 100% and life beyond pulphope)

Also: more footnotes!

Note: Post titles and concepts may change! Fresh entries may be improvised! Nothing is certain in the current economic climate!

Feel free to ignore the existence of this series if it annoys you; I'm trying to complete a couple of thoughts here, but I'm not gonna stress out about tying it all together. This isn't a big superhero crossover, after all! Though now that I think about it, I do kinda like the idea of announcing the death of my blog in Plok's comments or something...


plok said...

Okay, that's exciting stuff. Can't wait!

Limited-series blogs? The Cerebus of blogs, three hundred posts and out? Burnt-out husks of blogs circling the information-galaxy in a dull red halo.

You might be on to something, David!

David said...

Thanks Plok! This blog was originally going to run for like 30-40 posts then be done, but I started having too much fun, and was pretty unhappy with the quality of my writing here, so on it went.

I'm very into the social/ conversational aspect of this end of the blogosphere, though, so I don't know quite how committed I am to killing this one.

Also, I really like some of the oeuvre blogs out there, which are kind've built to finish, so... yeah, that's definitely an inspiration. I'm shooting for something a little more abstract and diverse, and I'm doing it in a kinda muddled context, but there's something there...

nicholas reed said...

You are not allowed to stop until you've gotten to the post about 100%. Mainly because I've seen very little written about it, and it's one of my favorite non-Morrison books.