Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Music: Response

Readers, I've got a question for you.




I'm only asking because my general excitement about the upcoming Seaguy sequel has got me thinking crazy thoughts. Thoughts like "if Mark Miller had created Seaguy, would it have been less Prisoner and more Demolition Man?"* Imagine: the same longing for excitement and adventure, the same hints that there's something shady going on beneath the seemingly peaceful streets, the same panic over surveillance culture, only dumber, sweatier, and with a genuine hard-on for gun fights and fist fights. Is that what it would have looked like? Sandra Bullock says yes, and I say maybe. What do you think?

*In this hypothetical comic book, Sylvester Stallone = Chubby Da Choona.


sean witzke said...

Hey! Demolition Man is one of the smartest American action movie of the 90s. It's definitely the best movie Rob Schneider, Benjamin Bratt, and Sandra Bullock were ever associated with. Actually I have a long running argument going that Demolition Man is right about everything, so get used to Taco Bell and scary post-AIDS super-stds, America! I love you, President Schwarzennager!

Millar could never write anything that satirical, that spot on. If Millar wrote Demolition Man he would have made Sandra Bullock a super-competent femme fatale, Simon Phenix would have raped a dozen people on his way around town, and Jeffrey Dahmer wouldn't just be a name dropped but an important, integral character to the last half hour of the film.

Also, it wouldn't really be funny, and I don't think Millar has ever read Brave New World."Its the future, right? Where the fuck are all the ray guns and shit?"

David said...

"Mellow greetings. What seems to be your boggle?"

Ha! Believe me, if I mock Demolition Man, it's only out of love! I got it on DVD for Christmas, have already watched it twice, and have been trying to convince Karen that it's worth watching ever since.

I agree with most of yr points, particularly with regards to DM being funnier and more satirical than Millar's standard fare -- what can I say, I was being uncharacteristically charitable to the good man!

And yes, the movie may well turn out to be some form of modern prophecy. This worries me, but it does amuse my inner teenager no end.

"Jeffrey Dahmer? I love that guy!"

Wesley Snips should reprise this performance in Nolan's 3rd Batman film... he could be the leader of a new gang of joker copycats! It would be goofy as all hell, but I would love the shit out of it all the same!

plok said...

Jesus, I absolutely cannot get this connection out of my head -- I even had to watch Demolition Man again (had forgotten that the immortal Nigel Hawthorne was in it!), and unlike you guys I did not like it the first time around...

But now...


It's aged surprisingly well! And by "it" I mean the stupid parts. It's got a weird aphasic charm seen from the perspective of 2009, and I think there's something in that for sure.

I just don't know. Must reevaluate. But just thinking about it in context with Seaguy is messing my head up, I see it's possible that I've been COMPLETELY WRONG about something...but not quite sure what it is...

Post-fodder, definitely!