Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Andrew Hickey On Grant Morrison and Entropy -- Commonplacebook

Now, the whole of Seven Soldiers, and Morrison’s work generally, is a meditation on entropy, information and life. Life has been defined by some as localised patches of negative entropy - using energy to create order from disorder. If there’s a real ‘anti-life equation’ then the second law of thermodynamics has a strong claim to the title, because all life is essentially a battle against entropy, and a battle that will always be won by entropy.

But having said that, entropy is the only thing that allows us any freedom at all - entropy is the reason that all iron hands must eventually succumb to rust, the reason none of us can ever be controlled at all. Which is why Darkseid’s search for complete control must go along with his search for immortality - change is both freedom and death.

(Andrew Hickey, Stepping Back a bit.... Yet more on Seven Soldiers)

Yeah, I'll be coming back to this quote sometime in the near future.