Tuesday, 2 December 2008

"Self-disgust is self-obsession honey and I do as I please"

Manic Street Preachers -- 'Faster'

Ahh -- too many memories of cheap teenage disgust and of 1000 bad English essays propped up on jaggy quotes from The Holy Bible.

Good times!


Sean T. Collins said...

A girl I knew in college had a Steve Lamacq mix cd that had a Chemical Brothers remix of that song on it and I remember it to this day. "Man kills everything." Wow.

sean witzke said...

Now I'm gonna have to dig it out again!

David said...

Sean: shit, how could I have forgotten about that remix? Here it is, in all its bitter glory. Sounds like the soundtrack for a lost spy-fi classic... something shiny and nihilistic. A film that never was.

Sean: heh! Serves you right for not having it glued in your CD player in the first place!

Only kidding, though there was a time when I would probably have considered doing just that...