Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Darkling I Listen -- Commonplacebook


I don't understand the decision you've made. I don't even think this qualifies as a decision... Who ever said than an undergraduate Communications thesis had to account for every aspect of human existence? Or any thesis, for that matter? You say yours doesn't. Well, that's not exactly news Mike, but I was still looking forward to reading it.

The whole point of academic journals, and the larger community of scholars they feed, is that no one has access to the larger truths you're talking about. All we can do, as a discipline, is build toward a provisional understanding things, using the little discoveries each member makes each day.

(From Darkling I Listen, by David Fiore.)
This quote has been scrolling through my mind a lot recently, for reasons that will become obvious soon enough.

And hey -- David Fiore has announced that his novella, Chimera Lucida, will be made "widely available" sometime in the 2009! I've had the pleasure to read Chimera Lucida -- it's an explosion of mental and emotional shrapnel, and on first reading it seemed to be even better than Darkling I Listen, so you should all definitely give it a read when you've got the chance.

More shortly.


Anagramsci said...

thanks so much David!

so do I gather you've come to an academic crossroads of sorts?


David said...

More a sort of mental crossroads, but the sentiment hit home all the same...

Have a good new year, Dave -- I look forward to reading Chimera Lucida again when it's published!