Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Another One Down

Well, that's my 33 1/3 proposal finally down -- and just in time, too! It would've been finished a month ago if a completely different (and hopefully better!) approach hadn't jabbed me in the eye while I was having a refreshing shower in the middle of November...

Anyway, I'm going to kick back and relax for a week or so. There are a few big posts on the way, but I'll get to them in 2009. In the meantime, here are a few links to keep you warm before Hogmanay:

*Matthew Perpetua's recent posts on Beck's (slightly underrated?) Midnite Vultures album have got me listening to that record again. And you know what? Matthew's right, there's a whole mess of confusing signifiers going on in that album -- it's make out music for the self-conscious kids in the room!

*The ever-entertaining Mike Barthel's posts on Beyonce's sexual politics and Kanye's aesthetics are also worth a read, if you're a critically minded pop fan.

*Those last couple of issues of Grant Morrison's Batman run have been pretty great, haven't they? Well, they're even better with amypoodle's annotations -- go read his posts on issues #682 and #683 now, if you haven't already. Oh, and hey -- his post on Final Crisis #5 was pretty damned good too! Is it wrong that I'm actually going to pick up that Final Crisis: Secret Files thing this week? Scripts by Len Wein and Grant Morrison, some sort of J.G. Jones art, a cover by Frank Quitely... sounds pretty good to me!

*Finally, here are four excellent Hercules & Love Affair videos to see you into 2009 in style:

Take care, bloggers! Let's make 2009 a good one!


plok said...

You know, Len Wein said this on his blog about that comic: "Pick it up; you won't be disappointed."

And what's cool about that is I immediately think "well, Len, you've never steered me wrong before...!"

Simple confidence. It's a good feeling.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that link to 331/3 .I'd not seen that... Now I have 12 hours to get a proposal in ;)
(Luckily, I've got one mostly written, for a different thing, that can be repurposed).

David said...

Andrew -- Good luck! If I'd had my act together in October/November, I probably would have re-posted their call for submissions on this blog... Anyway, I'm sure your proposal will be excellent!

Plok -- Damn right it's a good feeling. This has been a recurring conversation round my way in 08 -- why does Len Wein not get more love?

Anonymous said...

Len Wein gets no love because people are morons. Anyone who created Swamp Thing, edited Watchmen and inspired Morrison's JLA run is at the very least a God among men...