Friday, 31 October 2008

A Special Halloween Treat!

A Ghost Notes Zombie Notes sneak preview, as conceived by myself and executed by the mighty Lynne:

Happy Halloween everybody -- whatever you do, have a good one.

And don't let the Peel man getcha! He remembers Sounds of the Suburbs, maybe not as well as you do, but well enough to want a taste of revenge!


Poisoned Ivy said...

He's alive!
I am so proud of his underground hair growth. He is my child and no shit band shall ever destroy him!

David said...

Damn fine work Lynne -- from brain to page in 24 hours!

David said...

24 hours, most of which were spent either at sleep or in work, I should say.

Go team!

Now... what to do about those other zombies...

sean witzke said...

Awesome work guys.

David said...

Thanks mate!

liamk said...

this is bloody brilliant so it is.
david, I am so sorry it didn't work out today, but I am well stoked about it happening next weekend.
you know when you are really looking forward to something, and your so chuffed about it that you have a dream about it, and then it happens, and it's even better, because it's like your dream but real?!
well I had a dream, and you and a steaming pot of chai goodness was in it.