Friday, 31 October 2008

Kids Will Be Skeletons

(Photo by Liam K)

Important information I neglected to mention in my Mogwai live review: the whole shindig was a celebration of the man Liam K's birthday. I said it at the time, and I'll say it again a week-and-a-half later: Happy Birthday Liam, you weird Robin Williams loving maniac you!

Let's see what else has been happening on the Internet:

*Plok's piece on Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele captures some of the frantic, "this could fall apart at any moment" vibe of that album, and draws a few neat parallels with the Iron Man movie in the process. And as if that's not fun enough, Sean Witzke pops up in the comments to hammer home the Tony Starks/Tony Stark crossover in fine style:
Ghost IS Tony Stark. The Cary Grant swagger and the neverending guilt. The wanting to be a man of peace in a life that’s pretty much just violence, some of which he’s to blame for (for crack dealing rather than arms dealing). The non-sequiter logic jumps, the I’m the smartest man in the room attitude, the impulsive nature, the relationship with women. The fact that they’re both pretty drastic alcoholics with a serious medical condition. Which they ignore.
Word to that. Sean's also posted part 10 of his essay series, and it's another belter. This time it's all about the action, man.

*If you haven't read Sean Collins' art comix remix of LCD Soundsytem's 'Losing My Edge', please do so right now. It'll make you shit a leg off, if you're geek enough to dig the references.

*Marnie Stern's cover of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' is up on her myspace right now. It's not as flat out awesome as her original recordings, but that's no diss, cos it's still pretty freakin' awesome! Stern's widdly-widdly vamp on the intro is particularly spacy and awesome, but can I take this opportunity to ask: why am I hearing this song in clubs and bars at the moment? Not the Marnie Stern version, though that would be awesome, but the original. It's not quite got the faux-ironic club favorite vibe of, say, 'Living On A Prayer' yet, but it's not far off. Is this some sort of delayed early 80s flashback, or is it in an advert at the moment? Could it be a Scrubs thing?

*Those ever-thoughtful Mindless Ones have been on fire lately, focusing on individual panels from V for Vendetta, Judge Dredd and Zenith and waxing poetic on their higher structural significance. And have I mentioned that Teminus, the Mindless Ones' weekly comic, is really fucking weird and poetic? Well it is, and this week's number is a creepy wee masterpiece.

More later tonight, unless the zombie uprising spreads to fair Cathcart.


RAB said...

Also check out this Journey cover.

It's all because of The Sopranos ending, which you literally couldn't get away from on American television even if you never watched the damn show!

David said...

They used that in the Sopranos too? Crazy. I've still got, like, six episodes of the Sopranos to go -- maybe I'll get stuck into those this weekend!

That Journey cover is cute as hell by the way, so thanks for the link.

sean witzke said...

rab beat me to it, I was just about to mention the Petra Haden version. Do you have the mp3 of Marnie's version? If not I'll send it over.

David said...

Ooh! Actually, I don't have the mp3 of the Marnie version, so... yeah, that'd be awesome, thanks!

Didn't manage to watch any Sopranos -- life and the fifth season of Peep Show got in the way.

Ah well -- maybe next weekend!