Wednesday, 10 September 2008

"I'd love to call it an imposition"

My friend Scott on the limitless potential for Arrested Development/Sopranos fan fic:
Tobias auditions for a role in Cleaver, the slasher flick produced by Christopher, and ends up playing a role based on Patsy Parisi. Lindsay tries to have an affair with Chris, and when George finds out about Chris/Tony's construction connections he tries to get Michael to butter them up. Gob tries to get a gig at one of Tony's private functions. Naturally there's a Meadow/George-Michael/Maeby/AJ/Steve Holt thing. Just think of the fun of a George Senior/Uncle June scene. Oh, and Steve Holt turns out to be Janice's missing son. This shit writes itself.
And to think, this madness came out of a high-faluting conversation about how both shows were all about privilege, personal stasis and the modern family unit! I think I like where Scott ended up a lot better.


Matthew Perpetua steps up with a correction: "Okay, but we know who Steve Holt’s mother is; we see Eve Holt in the yearbook."

Damn, he's right! The overall idea still does pleasant things to my head, though. Like, can't you just imagine Lindsay flirting with a hideously addled Christopher, completely oblivious to the fact that he's high? Or, like I said over in Matthew's comments, think about what happens when Gob try to impress Tony's boys with his charming banter. What, so they're going to whack the guy in the £100,000 dollar suit? Come On!

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