Friday, 11 July 2008

This Is Your Life/These Are Your Lives

Here's my version of the "Your Favourite Album For Every Year Since You've Been Born" meme, as stolen from Mr Sean Witzke:

1982: Richard Thomson -- Shoot Out The Lights
1983: REM -- Murmer
1984: The Minutemen -- Double Nickels on the Dime
1985: The Jesus and Mary Chain -- Psychocandy (East Kilbride's finest, ya bas!)
1986: The Smiths -- The Queen Is Dead
1987: Prince -- Sign O' The Times
1988: Sonic Youth -- Daydream Nation
1989: Pixies -- Doolittle
1990: Public Enemy -- Fear of a Black Planet
1991: My Bloody Valentine -- Loveless
1992: PJ Harvey -- Dry
1993: The Wu-Tang Clan -- 36 Chambers
1994: Nas -- Illmatic / Manic Street Preachers -- The Holy Bible
1995: Fugazi -- Red Medicine / Flaming Lips -- Clouds Taste Metallic
1996: Tricky -- Pre-Millennium Tension
: Radiohead -- OK Computer
1998: Pulp -- This Is Hardcore
1999: Sleater-Kinney -- The Hot Rock
2000: Ghostface Killah -- Supreme Clientele
2001: Roots Manuva -- Run Come Save Me
2002: EL-P -- Fantastic Damage / McLusky -- McLusky Do Dallas
2003: Outkast -- Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
2004: Fiery Furnaces -- Blueberry Boat
2005: The Mountain Goats -- The Sunset Tree
2006: J-Dilla -- Donuts
2007: Marnie Stern -- In Advance of the Broken Arm
2008: Portishead -- Third / Los Campesinos! -- Hold On Now, Youngster...

There's actually a stretch between 1990 and 1994 where my list runs worryingly close to Sean's, but who's going to argue with good taste?

(Answer: lots of people, but that's what comments sections are for!)

Looking over the list, I think it makes my musical tastes look a little more predictable than they are: doomy/arty rap, bare bones rock music, the occasional abstract noisefest... there's no dance music, damn little pop, and very few choices that are either willfully obscure or totally populist. A list of singles created along the same guidelines would read very differently, but I don't have time for that now... maybe another day.

Anyone else up for a crack? Be warned -- this meme will eat your brain if you let it, so don't start it if you're supposed to be doing something else tonight!


sean witzke said...

That is a really good list.

Mark said...

Still, got eleven years on you, so I'm probably too lazy to try one of these. Lazy and indecisive: 1982 was a crap year for albums, and even then I'd have problems choosing between SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS and COMBAT ROCK.

But I WANT TO SEE THE BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT was definitely my album of 1974.

Or maybe it was DIAMOND DOGS.


Anagramsci said...

I detect a cosmic conjunction of good taste in 1990!


David said...

The moral: Never underestimate the power of PE in full effect!

David said...

Mark: I'm no stranger to indecision, but Richard Thomson had to lead off my list since, (1) Shoot Out the Lights is a great album, and (2) Thomson's my dad's favourite musician, so he ended up soundtracking my early years pretty heavily.

Shoot Out the Lights, I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight, Rumour & Sigh, plus erm... Henry the Human Fly? That was an odd one. Anyway, I love this stuff, and it seemed fitting to tie Thomson in with the year of my birth.

Plus the only real competition I could think of in 1982 was The Fall's Hex Induction Hour, which I admire more than love. Combat Rock's good, but it's not a favourite, so... Shoot out the Lights for the win!