Thursday, 17 July 2008

Patton Oswalt -- 2008 Commencement Address -- Commonplacebook

From Patton Oswalt's Commencement Address to his old high school , which I just read and enjoyed:

All of you have been given a harsh gift. It’s the same gift the graduating class of 1917, and 1938, and 1968 and now you guys got – the chance to enter adulthood when the world teeters on the rim of the sphincter of oblivion. You’re jumping into the deep end. You have no choice but to be exceptional.

But please don’t mistake miles traveled, and money earned, and fame accumulated for who you are.

This speech isn't nearly as full-on as the David Foster Wallace speech I recently posted (and which apparently influenced Oswalt), but it's still pretty great, and it has more poop jokes, so... shall we call it a draw?

Also: Is two posts enough to make this a mini-theme?

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