Thursday, 17 July 2008

Movie Record Chart 2008 -- Well, That Wasn't Working!

[UPDATED 29/07/2008]

OK, so I've written up three or four more of those movie chart things and I've already grown pretty disheartened with the idea. It's hard for me to write enthusiastically about movies that are okay-to-dull, so I don't think I'll bother unless the world gets in touch to inform me that they really need to know what I though about Journey To The Centre of the Earth 3D (more like a theme park ride than a movie, but good natured for all that) or The Incredible Hulk (entertaining if rather perfunctory).

As such, here's the accelerated version of all the other entries I was going to write!

Movies I've seen in the cinema this year that I'd recommend without reservation: Iron Man and No Country For Old Men. One genuinely entertaining popcorn flick and one harsh, beautiful "life is full is too brutal and random for you, no matter how tough you think you are" movie. Oh, and The Orphanage gets better the more I think about it as well!

Movies I've seen I'd recommend with reservations: Be Kind Rewind (I like Michel Gondry's self-indulgent, sentimental side, but if you don't then please STAY AWAY), Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (I have a weakness for dumb comedies, but if you don't then this is not for you -- also, homophobic much?). Also: THE DARK KNIGHT, which I loved, but which might do you in if you don't like massive, grim, super-long movies about people who dress up funny and tear the place down.

Movies I really should've seen in the cinema this year: Persepolis (which only seemed to be show at 12 in the afternoon, cos it's a cartoon and therefore for kids), There Will Be Blood.

Other movies I've seen in the cinema this year: Wanted, Juno, Teeth, The Incredible Hulk, The Forbidden Kingdom, Sex and the City, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, What Happens In Vegas, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Cloverfield, The Happening, Sweeney Todd, St Trinians (this might've been 2007), I Am Legend, Kung-Fu Panda, Step Up 2: The Streets, Balls of Fury, Journey to the Centre of the Earth (3D).

Movies I'm looking forward to seeing in the next few months: Wall-E, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

Movies I'm really glad I haven't seen this year: Mama Mia, Meet Dave, Superhero Movie, probably loads more that I've thankfully forgotten.

In other news: David Fiore has expanded upon the "your favourite album for every year you've been alive" meme, following up his list of records with a list of movies. I'll probably have a go at creating my own list of films once I've finished another post that I've currently got in the works.

More shortly!


sean witzke said...

For some reason, doing the movies-by-year list seems just wrong and I can't explain why.

David said...

I'm working on one at the moment and I agree that it's not coming as naturally as the music list did.

Maybe this is something to do with the way we experience music over and over again when it first hits us, listening to it until the CD starts to melt into the player? That makes a certain amount of sense, in terms of it being associated with specific years, except that some of the earlier entries on my music list came easy and I didn't get into them until later.