Thursday, 31 July 2008

Bloggers! Don't Fuck With The Filth!

Some links and images to hold you while I finish my post on issue 2 of The Filth:

* Comics wise, 2009 seems to be trying real hard to tweak my fanboy nipples. I mean seriously: new Seaguy, new Scott Pilgrim... it's almost like the best comics of 2004 are lining up to kick my ass all over again!

Here's the cover for Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe:

(Via Sean)

And here are a couple of Cameron Stewart's preparatory drawings for Seaguy & The Slaves of Mickey Eye:

(Via this Barbelith thread)

There are more Seaguy preview images on Grant Morrison's website if you register and look under Previews, by the way. Lots of enthusiastic ramblings from the man himself on that site too:

Seaguy resurfaces in 2009, with a sinister new partner, a hatred of the sea and
a rebel restlessness he can't explain. Why are Doc Hero and his ex-arch-enemy
Silvan Niltoid, the Alien from Planet Earth, whispering strange equations behind
canvas at Mickey Eye Park ? What's in She-Beard's closet ? Why is Death so
useless ? And can that really be the ghost of Chubby Da Choona, mumbling uncanny
warnings and dire prophecies of ultimate catastrophe ?

* While we're talking about new comics goodness, can I also say a big hell yeah to more Demo and more Umbrella Academy? I'm glad to see that Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba and Becky Cloonan doing so well right now. Pixu, Demo, BPRD: 1947, Umbrella Academy, Day Tripper... that's quite a list!

* But enough of the future, here's something that's almost a decade old and half a year out of season: Tom Ewing's 1999 review of Low's Christmas. It's a typically sharp piece of writing that deals with the crossover between indie, faith, purity and religion without ever blunting itself by hammering too hard on any of these themes.

* And really, how perfect is Low's 'Just Like Christmas'?

By the time we got to Oslo
The snow was gone
And we got lost
The beds were small
But we felt so young
And it was just like Christmas

It was just like Christmas

*While I'm linking to Freakytrigger I really should mention the Comics: A Beginners Guide entries Martin Skidmore's been doing over there. They're clear-headed and passionate, and are well worth a read even if you already know your Mirkins from your Mary Janes.

* Ever wanted to read a sex-advice column written by Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat? The man who started a song (hell, an album!) with the couplet "It was the biggest cock you’d ever seen/ But you’ve no idea where that cock had been"? Well here you go. Sample paragraph:
Sex is very important in relationships, of course it is, but all that advice that “sexperts” on the telly and your friends toss out is nonsense if you ask me - wonderful sex can be an exciting distraction, something to take your mind off the reality of the matter, but once you get fed up with being buggered with vegetables while dressed in your partners lovely, smooth hold-ups as the neighbour tosses off and films it from across the street, you’ll find you’re back to where you were: bored with each other. Where does it all end? How far will you have to go? Problems like these are often just physical manifestations of an emotional state, and sex might not be the answer.

(Via Matthew Perpetua)

* Essential reading: Craig Fischer on Eddie Campbell's After The Snooter, aka the best autobiographical comic known to man.

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