Saturday, 28 June 2008

"Turn me up! Don't turn me down!"

Ok, so I've been tired and super busy for the last two weeks, which is a lethal combination for this blog.

No excuses, no further explanations, just a general sense that I want to get this place back in order. Which... it's my birthday today -- I'm 26 now, and I've just woke up with a head full of "oh shit, time to get busy!" I've got Speakerboxxx on the stereo at the moment, and if that doesn't mark me as a blogger who's five years out of time then I don't know what does!

Still, I'm looking over my notes for blog posts, listening to Outkast, trying to decide how to proceed. Not today. Too much other stuff to do. Plus, also: celebration! But next week I'm going to post a wee semi-serious manifesto as part of an attempt to requisition my groove back -- maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, we'll see.

UPDATE: JESUS! Now that's what I call a Kirby-tastic birthday! Thanks guys!

Also: Karen , thanks so much for the Connect ticket you brilliant mentalist you! Seriously, Breeders + Goldfrapp + Grinderman + Gossip + Spiritualized + Mercury Rev + Malkmus (w/Janet Weiss!) + Manics + Camera Obscura + Gutter Twins = hell yeah!


sean witzke said...

Happy Birthday,sir.

David said...

Thanks mate, much appreciated.