Saturday, 7 June 2008

Content? We Don't Need No Stinking Content!

Let's make with the linky:

--You know how I was praising Marnie Stern's 'Absorb Those Numbers' for the way it recombines its own components as it goes on? Well here's a masterclass in the form: Matthew Perpetua has put up an entire live set from the Fiery Furnaces' Blueberry Boat medley tour! It's great to hear all those melodies, bizarre stories and instrumental freakouts run into each other in a controlled (if somewhat breathless!) fashion. Really makes you appreciate just how many great tunes these guys have in them, as well as how beautifully perverse their instincts can be.

--Also via that lad Perpetua, an interview with The Long Blondes on their new album "Couples". The band's pride in their improved craft hasn't made for an easy journalistic hook this year, which is a shame because the new record's a big step up on their first one and it seems like very few people are interested.

--This Barbelith thread on the work of cartoonist Frank Quitely seems quite promising. Topics covered so far include the man's way with space, body language and character design, as well as the influence of old-school Scottish comic strips such as Oor Wullie and The Broons.

--Of all the clashing opinions on JG Jones/Grant Morrison's Final Crisis #1 I've read during the past week or so, Sean Collins' take matches most closely with my own. It might be commercial suicide, but I took a great deal of perverse pleasure in the fact that the opening chapter of DC's big summer blockbuster played out like an oblique cosmic detective story. Of course, it could have done with a more compelling cliffhanger, but I guess Morrison had already used up two good ones in this month's issues of Batman and Superman. So... yeah, Final Crisis: it looks pretty, and it seems like it could really heat up as it goes on. I'll stay with it for now.

I'm having a bit of a rethink about the way I write this blog. I think I'm either going to switch to longer, more sporadic posts or to shorter pieces which have a more deliberate agenda, but it's all undecided as of yet. And... we're done.

See ya!

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