Monday, 5 May 2008

Unsightly Alchemy

Still no Internet access in our house, but we're working on it.

While we're talking about the world wide webnet: I find amused to see that one of my formative influences, arts critic Sheridan Vally, has been getting a fair bit of online exposure recently.

The guy behind this newly established website for the eighties band Curdle has reprinted a couple of the man's old singles reviews so far, and has even provoked a little bit of commentary from Mr Vally in its short time in existance.

Also: there are some pictures of the man up there. Not what I expected -- he looks like s slightly chunkier Derren Brown, rather than a washed up British beat wannabe, but then I'm one to talk!

Of the two reviews posted, I'm pretty fond of this piece on Curdle's 'Disco', but find the review of 'Bergerac From The Back' a little perplexing, mostly because of that line about a "drunken Spaniard". Not cool.

Anyway, on the whole, Vally's prose is quite purple, but it got me enthused about the possibilities of criticism in the first place, so... yeah, blame him!

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