Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Way Beyond The Science of Sleep

I can’t help but believe Milligan was directly riffing off the insanity implicit in Ditko’s, Kirby’s and Steranko’s creations. That the inspiration was found in his first early poreings over those cosmic-coloured pages and the freakish, haunting, irreducible impressions they left in his young (or not so young) mind. On a personal note, this is why Morrison’s Fantastic Four: 1234 worked so well for me. My first contact with these characters wasn’t with the wacky Hollywood funsters they’ve turned out to be, but, rather, with the demented sixties shit that, even then, in the early eighties/late seventies they were chanelling. The Mole Man wasn’t a figure of fun. He was the little man at the edge of my bed. Milligan’s coming from the same place. It’s all about dreams, not rocket science.

From Candyfloss Horizons, a wonderful post about psychedelic sci-fi in the comics over on Mindless Ones. Go check it out.

And if that post doesn't entirely fulfill your appetite for the bizarre and the transformative try looking at this Brandan McCarthy image...

(Stolen from this site, natch)

...while listening to Aphex Twin's 'Girl/Boy Song':

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