Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Random Pop Culture Images 16/4/08

A few images that are making me happy right now:

(The elegantly garish cover for Hercules and Love Affair's 'Blind' single, which I wrote about here.)

(Two promo-images from Frank Miller's very Sin City-looking movie version of Will Eisner's The Spirit. I'm sure I'll dig the style of the film, but the actual content? Who knows! From

(Paul Pope does Kirby Part #1! From his Pulp Hope blog.)

(Paul Pope does Kirby part #2, again from Pulp Hope.)

(When Kirby-tech goes nasty, from this characteristically enthusiastic Grant Morrison interview about Final Crisis.)

(Another Final Crisis cover, from this week's Lying in the Gutters.)

(A creepy kid from The Orphanage, which is pretty decent by the way. Its setting might make you think of the work of executive producer Guillermo del Torro, but it's maybe closer to something like The Ring or The Sixth Sense. Atmospheric horror with a little bit of melodrama and a whole lot of parental worry. Seeing it with Karen, my easily freaked-out girlfriend, definitely helped, but I'm still not sure that the ending works.)

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