Wednesday, 2 April 2008

How To Embrace A Swamp Creature

I was going to finish off my previous post with a hearty fuck you to the ignorant, DC-supporting, Sigel-bashing fucks on this Newsarama comments thread, but I wanted that post to have generally sweet tone so I've smuggled my rage into this post instead.

But like Plok said, the opinion of those hateful message board goons counts for absolutely nothing in the scale of things, and sometimes it's good to step back and appreciate the humbling power of distance and perspective. Wait, are we talking about All Star Superman #10 again? I think I'm getting mixed up.

Anyway, today I am under attack from the very same chesty/sinusy gunk that seems to take me down every year, though normally it hits me more in December or January. Of course, I had to go and chatter excitedly about how I'd avoided the bug so far this year, didn't I?

Ach, but that's enough about me and my gunk. Let's make with the linky:

  • Ever wanted to see Dune Lego? When I was twelve, I would've loved to have an actual Dune Lego set. That book was so huge for me in my early teens -- it was just so much hornier than Lord of the Rings, which seemed important then and just seems a little silly now. Wonder how the novel would hold up if I re-read it today? (Link via Scott McAllister)
  • Matthew Perpetua on Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks -- always a good combination. Plus you get extra added Janet Weiss (aka the drummer from fucking Sleater-Kinney!) if you listen to the track in question, which is surely always a good thing. I'm digging the new Malkmus album, by the way -- it's very noodley in the same way that Pig Lib was, but I think that direction continues to work for the man.
  • Clap Clap's Mike B on The Cult of the Serious, specifically with regards to modern TV. I'm as big a fan of The Wire fan as anyone (please keep your season 5 spoilers to yourselves, cos I'm only halfway through season 4 right now!), but the man's got a point, and what's more he's got the Space Ghost clip to back it up. Always a bonus, that.
And I'm done, for now at least. I'll be posting various quotes, images, research-snippets, videos and bits of pop culture chatter as I go on, and I'm gonna try and write a couple of half-decent reviews some time in the next week or so.

In the meantime, here's some Cadence Weapon:


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