Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Giant Robots and Monsters: Can Dance/Are Generally Awesome

Helmet -- 'Gigantor Theme'

(Via Sean Witzke, Supervillain)

The Fauves -- 'Tortured Soul' (vs an amazing old Fleischer Superman cartoon)

(Featuring the musical talents of some baldy Glaswegian guy called Grant Morrison. As originally linked to in this Barbelith post)

Los Campesinos -- 'You! Me! Dancing!'

(Link via the extremely wordy old school indie fungasm that is Los Campesinos! Go buy the album already)


sean witzke said...

Dig the hell out of that Fauves/Fleischer video.

David said...

Yeah, I expected to dig the visuals but not the song, but I actually think they work weirdly well together.

Those old Fleischer numbers sure do have some bounce to them, huh? They're way more fluid than they have any right to be.

sean witzke said...

Oh yeah, I still have my old tape of them from when I was six.