Saturday, 17 November 2007

"It's just like a real rock concert, except that we're not lying to you"

Prinzhorn Dance School -- 'Up! Up! Up!'

I should've seen this band play live twice this year, but (disorganised asshole that I am) I missed them both times. They were the support band, of course, but still... I really need to get it together at the moment. Perhaps I can do it Scott Pilgrim style?

Anyway, thanks to Plan B I finally remembered to check our the Prinzhorn album, and I like it. I mean, as this song/video suggest, it's kinda hideously pretentious. But still: the minimalism, the fact that there's only this great, chunky bassline with a couple of clanging guitar lines and clumsy drum accents supporting all that obtuse yelling and hollering... it ensures that every element of the song connects, that every strange lyrical detail and jerky crack of the snare drum hits you right in the face. It also makes the mechanical thump of the music seem all the more beautiful to me, probably because the lack of flash and clutter allows me to see the people behind the control all-too-clearly (never forget, I'm weirdly hot for process).

Also, the Pinzhorn Dance School album? Totally great to listen to during bus journeys -- something to do with making monotonous scenery seem strange and vivid all over again.

LCD Soundsystem -- 'All My Friends'

This song, I've listened to on the bus, but... this one stops me dead in my tracks, so I don't know if I could do much more than that while listening to it.

The first time I heard 'All My Friends', I actually just froze where I was, which was slightly rediculous because I was standing there in a towel in my icy-as-fuck bedroom, theoretically on my way to go to the shower. When the song ended, I got up and put it back on again, and sat there freezing my ass off and loving it.

Anyway, LCD's Sound of Silver is definitely one of my albums of the year. It sees James Murphy combine the snarky groove of his early singles with the disco sass of 45:33, so how could I not love it? More than that, however, there are several "you'll believe a music geek can cry" moments on the record that are designed to make nerdy, self-conscious schmucks like me go all wobbly. 'All My Friends' is case in point, and what can I say: sometimes it's good to feel like you're on exactly the right frequency to really open up to a song.

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