Tuesday, 16 October 2007

You used to be alright/What happened?

Keeping it brief and abstract: In Rainbows = a great album, rather than a collection of good songs.

A few more thoughts:

'15 Step' is jaunty enough to make Thom dance his twitchy dance (see above), but I still feel as though the song's taunting me right now. Something to do with the whole 'You used to be alright' refrain, most likely.

My other big favourite of the moment is 'All I Need', which sounds like the hollow, dubbed-out shell of a ballad. Thom's voice haunts the piece, suggesting what it once was, or maybe even what it might have been (and I'm talking purely about the sonics of this song, rather than the lyrics). The climax is particularly great, especially the way the whole piece surges but yet somehow the crashing drums ends up being the most expressive part of the final rush (see also the percussion throughout 'Reckoner' for further evidence of Phil Selway's genius). It gives the song a suitably emotional finally without making it seem to obvious, which is a trick that Radiohead pull over and over again on In Rainbows.

And... damn if the recurring theme of this post doesn't seem to be be squandered potential. Reflective of my mood as this might be, it shouldn't put you off listening to the Radiohead album (which is, as I've said, great).

If these feelings persist then I guess I'm going to have to break out the Fugazi again: 'You can't be who you were/So you better start living the life you've been talking about'. Sounds fair to me.

Except... actually, I don't think there'll be any need to go there. There's quiet catharsis in these Radiohead songs, and right now I think that might be just what I need. Time to shake it off and do a strange wee jig.

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