Monday, 1 October 2007

Hidden Darts

Ok, so since brevity doesn't seem to be my strong point at the moment, I've challenged myself to write one sentence reviews of some of my favourite albums of 2007. Here goes!

Battles -- Mirrored
Musical science makes avant-rock fun/makes fun avant-rock.

Future of the Left -- Curses
What's the point of losing hate if it won't lose you?

Dizzee Rascal -- Maths and English
He's still here.

Marnie Stern -- In Advance of the Broken Arm
Like listening to an art school girl battle her 1000 inner Van Halens, and win (mostly).

At least poverty tourist MCs acknowledge the world outside their own penthouse dreams.

Malcolm Middleton -- A Brighter Beat
Superhero songwriter reaches out, laughs off death, asks: when are you coming home?

Ghostface Killah -- More Fish
Forget Raekwon: with leftovers this tasty Ghost is the only hip-hop chef still worth a damn.

MF Doom -- Mm... Food (2007 Special Edition)
Uhm... forget what I just said: this guy's pretty good too!

PJ Harvey -- White Chalk
Instead of Tricky, Tom Waits and Black Francis think Wuthering Heights, Emily Dickinson and The Stone Book Quartet.

(All hyperlinks provided in the name of giving you more fun stuff to read/watch/listen to. Also: cheating is good fun sometimes, y'know?)

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