Saturday, 15 September 2007

Mission Statement

Hi. My name is David Allison, and I used to have a severe blogging problem.

I was part of the early comics blogging community via my three older blogs; during that period, blogging was one of the most important things in my life, sad as that might sound. Of course my energy dissipated eventually -- I moved out, to a flat with no Internet connection, got a new job, then another one, and found that I was struggling to spend enough time with my girlfriend, my friends and my family. Further to such practical concerns, the blogging circles I was a part of seemed to have broken apart and reformed, and I found myself unsure as to what I had to contribute to the discourse.

Right now I still don't know what I've got to contribute, but I feel the need to reach out, to reach in, to hold a mirror up, to test my perceptions, and most of all to try and establish new connections.

I've taken my blog title from a Marnie Stern song, the lyrics of which are transcribed in my previous post. The words themselves get at something of what I'm feeling right now; when you hear them as part of the music the similarity between the abstract picture Stern creates and the one I'm trying to suggest might become clearer.

This blog will be home to a series of interlocking fragments, overreaching shards of fiction and criticism and random bollocks in which a pattern may occasionally be found. At first I'm going to repost various bits of older writing in order to set the scene. When that job is done, I hope to start adding fresh elements to the collage.

Thanks for reading this, whoever you are.

Stick around -- it can only get better from here on in.

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