Sunday, 23 September 2007

Roland Furious -- The Fifth Cant, by John Stewart of Baldynneis (Commonplacebook)

As painfull pilgrim pressing to fulfill
His irksum journay, passing to and fro
In dririe nycht--so I, agains my will,
Dois stot and stummer in my mateir low.
I haif no way quhairbe derect to go,
But (as the wycht, quho wanders wilsum blind)
This work of myn behuifs me schers ir so,
Quhyls heir, quhyls thair, quhyls fordwart and behind.
The historie all interlest I find
With syndrie sayings of so great delyt,
That singlie, most I from the rest out spind,
As the unskilful prentes imperfyt,
Quho fyns the gould frie from the laton quyt.
No wonder thocht my wittis waver will,
In flowing field of sic profound indyt
My minschit meitir may bot mank and spill.
Yit, as the painter stairing stedfast still,
With trembling hand, his dracht perfyt to draw,
So indevoir I with my sklender skill
For to do better than my breath may blaw.
Accept guid will, for I guid will sall schaw
To fram so furth as I haif done intend.

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